Department of Medical Ethics

Medical ethics is an interdisciplinary science, which deals with ethical problems and issues in the field of medical sciences. These issues are regarded as professional, medical researches and healthcare policy-making in various fields of medical sciences. Contents of this topic have entered medical ethics from different fields of knowledge and human knowledge involved in this area. It incorporates a variety of sciences and human knowledge, notably ethics philosophy, law, theology, jurisprudence, literature, sociology, psychology, economy, and history .

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The department of pathology has 14 faculty members who work in Qaem, Emam Reza, Dr. Sheikh and Omid hospitals. The department of pathology in various hospitals is responsible for receiving patients and processing tissue samples sent from different wards of the hospital on a daily basis. From diagnostic viewpoint, Routine Histologic Exam، Specific Staining، Molecular Pathology, Immunohistochemistry Evaluation، Cytology and Frozen Section is possible in the department of pathology.Department of pathology teaches general pathology (theoretically and practically) to medical students of basic science, specific pathology lessons (theoretically and practically) to medical students of physiopathology, and trains pathology residents. Currently, this department has 25 residents who are studying in levels one to four.

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