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History of the Department of Medical Ethics

Medical ethics is an interdisciplinary knowledge, topic of which is ethical problems and issues in the field of medical sciences. These problems and issues are regarded as career, medical researches and healthcare policy-making in various fields of medical sciences. Contents of this topic have entered medical ethics from different fields of knowledge and human knowledge involved in this area. In this regard, ethics philosophy, laws, theology, jurisprudence, literature, sociology, psychology, economy and history have had the most effects. Some problems and issues in the field of medical ethics have a long history and have been considered in old medical contexts. Some of these issues include abortion and relationship between patient and physician. On the other hand, some of the current issues have been formed in the modern world due to the unprecedented capabilities given to human by modern science and technology, including organ transplant and use of stem cells in treatment. Some of the medical ethics topics include ethical issues in end-life patients, ethics in medical studies, duties and responsibilities of physicians, rights and role of patients in medical decision-making, providing benefits for and not harming the patients, legal and ethical issues in organ transplants, justice in the distribution of resources, informed consent, euthanasia, health and sickness, concept of person, human dignity, moral status, ethical issues in fertility and infertility, ethics committees in research, brain death and their indicators, human cloning, competence and its determining methods, principle-based approach, pattern-based approach (casuistry), results-based approach (consequentialism), narrative-based approach (narrativism), care-based approach, animal research, task-oriented approach, ethics in policy-making and allocation of limited resources.



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